Great Escape Day Spa

Q & A - Waxing

All waxing services are performed by a Licensed Aesthetician - Amanda Nightingale LE / NE license #856 or Kim Nightingale LE / NE license #914


What to Expect from your Waxing Apppointment ...


Things to do BEFORE your appointment

* DO NOT SHAVE, we need at least 1/4 inch of growth to wax you

* Please shower or use feminine wipes

* If you start your menstrual cycle, please reschedule your appointment

* Gently Exfoliate the area to be waxed the day before your appointment


Things to do AFTER your appointment

* To prevent ingrown hairs, begin to GENTLY exfolliate the waxed area 24 hours after your appointment

* If you have any irritation after your appointment, we have a creme available, Filnpil - please ask your waxing professional for details

* As your hair grows in 3 stages, you will want to make a followup appointment for approximately 3-4 weeks after your first appointment


What exactly is a Brazilian Wax ?

A Brazilian wax removes all the hair from the bikini line to your bottom (this is optional) Your Waxing professional will begin with a bikini wax, then with your permission, continue to the french bikini and if you are comfortable, complete the brazilian wax.  (each step will remove more hair)

Will it Hurt ?

A Brazilian is not completely painless, but your waxing professional has techniques to reduce the pain and discomfort.


Can I get a Spray Tan after a Brazilian ?

We suggest waiting at least 24-48 hours after your appointment to give the skin time to heal. A spray tan can clog the pores and cause your skin to become very irritated.