Body Treatments

Herbology Body Treatment  ... 60 min ... $70

An excellent way to soften the skin & relax the body. The Treatment begins with dry brushing of the entire body, then oils are applied, followed by a mixture of herbs that are sprinkled on the body and rubbed in to remove dead skin cells,  you are then wrapped in a thermal blanket to allow the herbs to absorb.


Aroma Wrap ... 60 min ... $60

The skin is gently exfoliated with a light, dry brushing then soothed with a generous application of one of the most rehydrating base oils.  Each wrap is created using an essential oil individually selected for you and your aromatherapy needs.  Your relaxation experience is enhanced as you are wrapped in a warm spa blanket for extra moments of hydrating and quiet contemplation


Citrus Healer ... 90 min ... $80

A wonderful exfoliating and hydrating skin treatment. The Citrus enhanced products give the added benefit of aromatherapy to this luxurious treatment.  The ninety minute treatment begins with a full body exfoliation with a moisturizing sugar body scrub, then a light and silky hydrating lotion is applied to the skin with Swedish massage techniques before the ultra moisturizing shea body butter is applied to seal in the moisture.