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Q & A - Skin Care

All skin services are performed by a Licensed Aesthetician - Kim Nightingale LE / NE license # 914


What makes Image Skincare unique ?

There are many unique things about Image Skincare. The integration of a team of sophisticated chemists with the clinical experience of internationally operating physicians leads to a symbiotic relationship where novel ideas and new ingredients merge into the development of new products. The ability to conduct clinical trials under the supervision of board certified plastic surgeons in Europe gives us the advantage to integrate and utilize new ingredients earlier and more successfully.

Image Skincare is known for outstanding products with results-driven effectiveness.

Image boasts a superb line of professional peels and treatment options. We offer an entire range of peels, from an Organic Passion Peptide Peel to a physician-only TCA Orange Peel. We offer cookbook approach treatment plans which are easy to educate and to follow. 

Image Skincare is known for its outstanding training classes throughout the United States with established training centers.

Selling to licensed estheticians and physicians is a policy we strictly enforce. We do not allow our customers to sell over the internet. Our policies ensure your client or patient returns to you, the licensed practitioner, to receive products or treatments.

We believe in clinically proven and effective ingredients and do not follow any marketing tricks used by pharmaceutical companies.


How long will it take for me to see results with Image Skincare ?

One of our benefits is that clients see immediate skin improvements with the initial treatment. Since our products are so effective and consist of such concentrated amounts of active ingredients like anti-oxidants, cell-stimulating ingredients, and protective properties, you will see a dramatic change almost instantly.

In order to treat pigment disorders or the signs of aging, a longer treatment plan will be necessary to achieve a good result. Your aesthetician will discuss options for you in order to achieve the maximum benefit for your skin condition.


How do you test your products ?? Any harmful ingredients ? 

Image Skincare has not and will never test any products on animals! Newly formulated products undergo a thorough laboratory testing followed by field studies tested by humans, and all of our products consist of safe ingredients.

In addition we replaced all chemical preservatives, like parabens, with natural and plant-derived preservatives. 
· Products not tested on animals 
· No petrochemicals 
· No chemical preservatives 
· Fragrance composed with 100% essential oils 
· Respect of the environment 
· No Silicones 
· No Parabens