Q & A - Spray Tan

Answers to our most asked questions 


Things to do BEFORE your Spray Tan appointment

• Shower, exfoliate, and remove body hair before your tanning session. Do NOT use a moisturizing soap or body wash (especially Dove) before you tan. Use either a gel body wash or a bar soap like Ivory, Dial, Irish Spring, Lever 2000, or Zest with either nylon exfoliating gloves or a washcloth.

• Please do not use deodorant or lotion prior to your spray tan appointment 

• Bring an old swimsuit or bra & panties to wear during the spray tan

*** Wear or bring loose fitting clothing to wear home (preferably dark in color) ***


After Care ...

• We recommend waiting 12-24 hours after your spray tan application to shower

• For the first shower after your tan, it's always best to use water that's lukewarm and not too hot. Avoid shower gels that leave residue behind on the skin—your first clue is that the product touts itself as "deeply moisturizing." The residue from the moisturizer can degrade the life of your tan. Basic, natural products are best.

• Proper hydration is what will make your glow last, but an oil-rich formula will make it slip right off. Use a very basic lotion that isn't oil-based, and moisturize in the shower or right after.

Be advised that any activity that will make you perspire will also make the spray tan solution run on your body. It is recommended that you keep physical activity to a minimum for at least 12-24 hours.